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A podcast about pregnancy and drug use, Native people and tribal sovereignty. In a decision based more on opinion than fact, a Nebraska Supreme Court judge ruled that a year-old pregnant teen in foster care could not have the abortion she was seeking, even though she had the law on her side. While many articles about the case have pointed to the irony of being too young to make decisions, but old enough to parent, the issues at stake in this case go much deeper.

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By Prymface. The New York Human Resources Administration launched a new ad campaign this month which includes a range of posters that attempt to raise awareness of the realities and costs of teenage parenthood. But by placing blame on teen mothers themselves it removes responsibility from those who should be addressing educational opportunities for poorer communities and instead provides an easy scapegoat.

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The tears rolled down my face and landed on that same floral pattern on the couch in the pregnancy center. The room was open and the lady that sat directly in front of me had a solemn look on her face and she tried to make eye contact; I continued to look down. I just wanted to leave.

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Currently, all the research groups are conducting the empirical part of their research. Shame and stigma, accompanied by guilt and self-blame, afflict women in many parts of the world, especially where patriarchy is prevalent. Kenya is no exception to this rule. Being pregnant as a teenager is an experience filled with shame for the young girl and her family.

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The odds are already stacked against us when it comes to health, especially sexual and reproductive health. I knew the answer to my question before I even asked it, but I proceeded to ask it anyway. And it was mostly disappointment, with a twinge of anger, that took over my body when she confirmed the reason why she has never gone.

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A list shaming more than Christchurch high school girls was made in retaliation to a similar list suggesting dozens of local boys were promiscuous. Some are as young as The girl was already struggling with school bullies and her mother feared this would exacerbate the situation with others mocking or shaming her.

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According the the Convenant House, over two million kids will experience a period of homelessness of the course of each year. The stories are heartbreaking as it becomes clear that these children and teens have so little control over their daily lives or their futures. Here are some honest and powerful pieces in which several teens and a parent who have all been homeless share their stories.

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Shame has this very suffocating way of controlling lives, especially for your teenage daughter. For your daughter this belief is devastating and even life threatening. However, guilt is inversely correlated with these.

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Verified by Psychology Today. Shame Nation. Online public shaming is not new, but when it concerns children, parents need to be aware of the consequences of their actions and the emotional damage that can be done.

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By Kern Carter. These thoughts have been weighing on my heart and lately, I can't escape them. As close as my daughter and I are now, as much as we've been through together and as much as I know she's genuinely happy, there's this constant feeling of guilt and shame that still haunts me.


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